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Ambrosia Delight for Square Enix

The Japanese publsher releases new info on an online/offline action RPG for PS2.

While we're still punch drunk from the brutal eye-violation brought forth from the FFXII trailer we saw earlier, Sqaure Enix continues in its quest to render us blind with over-stimulation, as it showers us in these informational pearl droplets.

Ambrosia Odyssey - definitely not a journey for the world's finest bowl of rice-pudding - will be an action RPG which can be played on, or offline. The storyline will be partially non-linear - multiple story branches will available - and a large number of quests in numerous towns will be available.

Players will be able to craft their own towns, though unless your character's a god, or a builder with several large and long arms, we figure this would render quite a challenge to the game's hero, unless he has lots of friends or the accommodations presented when gifted with magic. So we guess it also has magic.

The towns are said to have unique cultures and histories attached to them, which has been pretty much standard fare in a lot of Square and Enix's individual RPGs, before the two companies got married, so we expect they'll do this feature justice.

Game development is being led by Production Studio 10's Goi, while teams Rocket Studio, KAI Graphics and SuperSweep will craft the title. This news was sourced from Famitsu, via Game Science.