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Codemasters to command wartime - PC screens

WW2 ultra-sim promises to be most detailed ever

Codemasters never does things by halves, that's for sure. Wartime Command: Europe at War 1939 - 1945 is an ambitious RTS game that takes in the entirety of Word War II in Europe. That's six year of full on war action, under your control.

With missions covering all the major battles from the invasion of Poland to D-Day, you'll be able to command British, American, German, French and Russian troops to their certain deaths. If you manage to keep anyone alive, they'll evolve into better fighters you won't want to lose.

The level of detail extends to in-game vehicles and weapons being modelled from original blueprints and on night-time missions you'll even be able to see the correct star constellations in the sky. Fight WW2 your way this Winter on PC.