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Make a date for Fable

Acclaimed Xbox RPG release confirmed

Fable, the splendid looking Xbox RPG has finally got a confirmed release date, with US gamers getting a chance to get in touch with their inner hero - or villain - in September, while in Europe, we'll have to wait an extra month for an October release.

Quite why we poor Euro slobs will have to wait another 30 days for Peter Molyneux and Big Blue Box's epic RPG remains a mystery and the update on the official Fable FAQ on Lionhead's site certainly doesn't shed any light.

Perhaps we haven't accumulated enough experience points or aren't sufficiently beardy enough or something, but either way, it does seem unnecessarily harsh to delay our Fable-based gratification.

Still, at least we've now got a firm date now and an opportunity to cross the days off on the calendar.