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H&D2 rattles its Sabre Squadron

New expansion pack inked in

Gathering, Take-Two's PC publishing arm, has surprised absolutely no-one by confirming the release of Sabre Squadron, a new expansion pack for its popular WWII squad-based shooter Hidden & Dangerous 2.

As we reported at the time, whether by accident or design, Gathering originally let the info slip into its E3 2004 brochure - then hastily came over all coy.

However Gathering has now sorted its story out and confirmed that not only will Sabre Squadron get a release sometime this Autumn, but crucially, that it will now also feature co-operative online play.


As we originally reported, the single-player version of Sabre Squadron will feature nine different missions set in four diverse theatres of war. Other single-player features include enhanced AI and a whole raft of new weapons like the mighty German Panzerschreck, French MAS MLE 36 and Parabellum with silencer.

All single-player missions can be played co-operatively online, but Sabre Squadron will also have eight dedicated multiplayer-only missions, with three deathmatch variants, three occupations and two objectives. A massive 32 players will be able to compete in these multiplayer blasts.