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Prince Of Persia 2

Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time was a peculiarity because its lead was a nice, polite simpleton who was singularly useless at talking to women and rarely made things explode. To some, this was charming. To far too many people, however, it was a reason to completely ignore the game and buy something with guns instead. Witness then, the rebirth of the Prince: innocence gone, naivety lost. A mean mother-bitch from hell who can cut people's heads off and only shaves every other week.

The action takes place some six to eight years after the original, with the Prince's ship being invaded by some undead beasties. It then progresses through to a cursed island fortress where he can face off against yet more nastiness and Dahaka - the living incarnation of fate (or some such nonsense), who bears a hefty grudge against our boy the Prince.


The game's intended to address the flaws many perceived in its predecessor, namely the way in which puzzles and combat were kept so separate from each other, and the fact that the fighting itself was a bit iffy. So you can now wield two swords and use enemies as human (well near-human) shields, as well as throw objects and mix the trademark wall-running and jumping with the laceration of your enemies.

Monsters too, seem to have grown with the Prince's moodiness - as you can see from the Legolas-style toppling of the colossus in the screenshots. So it's all change, but whether it's for better or worse is hard to discern; the fighting may be better, but will the charm remain? You'll have to wait and see.