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Cover me in CS Source - then beta me up

Valve promise Counter-Strike Source beta this summer

Valve Software has announced that Counter-Strike Source, the newest version of Counter-Strike which runs under the mighty Half-Life 2 engine, will enter a limited beta test phase via its Steam download service.

As we already know from E3, the world's foremost online team shooter looks and plays like an absolute storm in its gleaming new Source mantle. However before you start frothing at the mouth in a frenzy to sign-up, be aware that first dibs will go to members of Valve's Cyber Cafe Program, before being offered to owners of Counter Strike: Condition Zero.

See, we told you there was a reason for buying Condition Zero.

Anyway the beta test is scheduled for a nebulous sounding "later this summer" and you're advised to stay alert for Steam updates and be prepared to take your place in what is certain to be an almost infinitely long queue.