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We're itching for all this biotechnology to arrive so we can get our claws on some body-modifying nano-augmentations to inject into our eyeballs.

Most CVG boys fancied some handy extra right-foot force to rip up the net during footie - but our Grazza's yearning for industrial strength guff power so he can tunefully fart along to all that scary Euro-pop he likes. Be thankful he's got nowt to do with this latest sci-fi first-person blaster.

Underdog Eat Dog
With Halo and Half-Life 2 busy readying to do battle in the ring for the FPS crown, the team at Crystal Dynamics has been quietly pouring their talents into Snowblind - and we're already dribbling over the neat new twists crammed into the game so far.

Slapped straight into the turmoil of a near-future Indo-Asian war ground, you're the bio-enhanced leader of a crack team of commandos. While you won't control your comrades directly, they're smart enough to look after themselves and even help
you out in sticky situations. You'd better take care of your men though - lose one of your ten-strong team and that's that, they ain't coming back. With a finite amount of back-up, you'll find later levels rock hard if you've been careless with your squad early on, encouraging you to keep the blighters alive for as long as you can.

Bio Logical
The science fiction setting piles all kinds of possibilities into the action - on top of health, you'll have to stock up on bio-energy to keep your wealth of collectible body-mods in working order. The stuff you can jack into your system adds an extra fat layer of gameplay to the proceedings - so far we've seen invisibility, speed and slow-motion modifications. There's even one that lets you take over enemy bots and send them out to do your dirty work. Best of all, you can mix them together for some wicked tricks like slowing down the action and boosting your speed so you can grab grenades from the air and chuck them back in their owners' faces. Nice one!

Alien Artillery
The insane arsenal of standard and futuristic weapons, like the Flechette that unleashes a swarm of fearsome nano-bots to eat into enemy flesh, can be upgraded too. Whack augmentations onto rocket-launchers, sniper rifles, machine-guns and grenades to max them up and unleash their Ultimate Firing modes. Beef up your grenade-launcher, for instance, and you can toss Sticky Grenades into the throng - glue one onto an enemy's back and cackle as they run screaming back to camp and blow up their team-mates. What's coolest is the way all this augmentation happens on the fly, making sure the pulse-pounding pace doesn't let up for a minute.

There's simply so much awesome stuff in Snowblind, like the drivable vehicles, insanely devious AI, jaw-dropping action set pieces and multiplayer mayhem, that there's just not enough room to cover it all here. Check back soon for the latest low-down on this stunning-looking rampage of carnage and destruction.

The verdict

Our pants are already moist over the big FPS sequels due later this year, but Snowblind's promising a lot of extra depth and some amazing gameplay twists.

PlayStation 2
Crystal Dynamics
Eidos Interactive