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Legends of Wrestling: Showdown

They may have pumped their last iron but they still love a good beating

The Legends Of Wrestling series has been a bit of a ginger-haired step child so far. We've wanted to love it, we loved the idea, but when it came to playing with the damn thing, we just couldn't forget that it was a ginger haired freak.

Now with its third attempt it seems Acclaim has had the sense to go out and buy some hair dye and attached some industrial strength braces to the kid that hit every branch on the ugly tree. The result is the game that we were hoping for all along. One where wrestling greats never die, where firm pecs don't go soft and where button-bashing doesn't save the day.


It's Clobberin' Time
The concept of Showdown: LOW is simple. Take all the classic wrestlers from the last 30 years of the sport, recreate them in their prime with their famous moves and allow them to get it on. It's a great idea that other sporting series have been slow to take up. Imagine a FIFA game with every classic side from the last 30 years - how cool would it be to settle old arguments?

Anyway, back to the wrestling. The only thing that has stopped the LOW games from reaching stellar heights has been that a certain SmackDown! series which has continually kicked sand in the face of anyone trying to tip it from its perch. And while Showdown doesn't achieve the feat of surpassing SmackDown!, it does come closer than most.

King Of The Ring
Now with a roster of over 70 classic wrestlers and plenty of different play modes, Showdown offers loads of variety and ways to play. Graphically the title has made huge advances, with each wrestler now easily identifiable and the arenas enjoying a solid makeover.

But it's the wrestling side that has really been beefed up. A new control system finally makes the action flow back and forth like only wrestling can. Plus the controls are easy to learn and get you into the thick of the action fast, pulling off fancy moves.

Okay, so it's still not a SmackDown! beater quite yet, but this series has definitely taken a step up from the minor leagues.

The verdict

If you love the sport and especially the wrestlers of yesteryear then Showdown is a blast with plenty of new ideas to keep the series on the right track.