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Sega Superstars

ye Toy: Play was great fun. It seems a lot of developers thought so too. There's a rash of titles being designed for the PlayStation 2's camera peripheral, but one of the most intriguing looks to be Sega Superstars - a collection of mini-games from the legendary Sonic Team.

We've already played the mini-games based around House Of The Dead (slap the zombies, don't hit the pretty women) and Sonic (collect rings and emeralds), but more exciting is that Sonic Team is delving into both its own and Sega's back catalogue of hits for further mini- games for the title. Samba De Amigo, Virtua Fighter, ChuChu Rocket!, Billy Hatcher, Monkey Ball, Space Channel 5, Puyo Pop, Crazy Taxi and the legendary NiGHTS are all set to appear in Sega Superstars. Bring 'em on!