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DOA Ultimate lands Japanese October date

Still no confirmation of when the Xbox fighter will be out in Europe, though

Although the sight of big-breasted women in an online environment is hardly new, Tecmo's confirmation that Dead Or Alive: Ultimate will finally release in Japan on October 7, should provide gamers with further eyeball-seducing thrills this Autumn.

This anticipated release bundles together the entire history of the cult beat-'em-up series (well, DOA 1 and 2) into one package, complete with new features, chapters and full Xbox Live compatibility.

As an added incentive, pre-orders for the Japanese release will also reward customers with a Kasumi toy and poster, plus a bonus PC CD-ROM entitled Digital Venus, which features sounds and artwork from the series.

Although an Autumn release was originally mooted at E3, development duties have seemed to take longer than expected, leading some very pessimistic folk to believe the game might not even make much before Xmas. News of this sudden confirmation from Tecmo should, therefore, come as relief for anyone salivating over the prospect of online grapples with Hitomi and Lei Fang.

As for an official European or American release date, though, there's still no news. However, following this Japanese confirmation, we'd be very unhappy bunnies if it didn't make it here sometime before Christmas - especially as Tecmo had earlier hinted at a simultaneous worldwide launch.