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Ghost Recon 2

A bit like that programme with Yvette Fielding on Living TV - only with guns and soldiers

The North Koreans have finally gone barmy and started their own Chinese takeaway - they've sent half their army into Chinese territory and taken it away.

China, fearful of retaliation by the Koreans' ally, Russia, has asked a multinational force to deal with the Korean invasion. Which is where you come in, leading a squad of Ghost Recon US special forces to kick those cocky Koreans back into their crap-hole country, Uncle Sam style.

Of course, that scenario holds about as much water as a dolls' teaspoon, but since its got the name Tom 'I dream of war' Clancy slapped all over it, we're now crapping ourselves here at CVG lest it happen tomorrow. Which is why we're itching to get our hands on this follow up to one of the most popular squad-based shooters around - when that Korean shit hits those Chinese fans we want to be ready.


Ghost In The War Machine
The emphasis in Recon II is on making you want to fill your camo pants due to the terrifying, exciting, nerve-wracking feeling of being in the middle of a battle zone. You'll be conducting operations in full-scale firefights, with friendly and enemy forces duking it out all around you. Rocket spitting attack helicopters, two-ton main battle tanks and creeping artillery barrages are all to be expected.

What'll really hit you like a laser-guided bomb when you first see Recon II is how much better it looks than the last one. The environments are more detailed than ever, with cool lighting effects, and loads of realistic physics meaning that buildings don't collapse the same way twice.

Also given a new lick of paint is the orders system. Now, to make sure your squad doesn't just stand around scratching its arse while all hell is breaking loose, the AI has been upgraded and the way you give commands simplified.

Otherwise, this burst of techno-war action is firmly in the mould of its mega-popular predecessor. Calling in air support and mortar barrages will be key, and as ever you have to seriously watch your ass 'cos it only takes one well-placed sniper round to take you down.

Roll on November, as we can't wait to start haunting the battlefield again.

The verdict

Recon needs a revamp, and this update looks the biz. Purists might not like the stripped-down team-control, but it should be more of a bitchin' battle sim for it.

Red Storm