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Under the Skin

As hilariously hectic as Under The Skin appears, with its slick Viewtiful Joe-inspired visuals and Jet Set Radio-style misfit-stuffed city, the gameplay, unfortunately, is not nearly as mesmerising.

You play Cosmi, a teat-headed ET on a mission to annoy humans so they drop coins that you can collect. When you fire your DNA zapper at a human, you capture a blueprint of their appearance and abilities. Leg it over to one of the many floating UFOs dotted throughout the city and you'll transform into a perfect clone of them.

Each human has a unique set of skills, from pie-tossing policemen to pin-dropping punks. Problem is, it's SO GODDAM SLOOOOW. It feels like you're running through rice pudding. Plus it's too simple - collecting coins is the only objective at the moment. And even though there are stacks of ways to annoy humans, the thrills evaporate within moments of unleashing gimmicky new crowd-
peeving attacks