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Hotter than hell: New Devil May Cry 3 screens

Dante swings, shoots and slashes through neon-soaked environments

Coolest game character of all time? Dante's got to be up there. Not only does he know how to handle a sword and shoot the flies off a zombie with twin pistols, he plays a mean electric guitar too.

We'll gloss over the fact that his hair's a bit faffy and he spends too much time down the designer clothes shops, because we've come across this batch of new screens and info for his upcoming outing in Devil May Cry 3.

New developments are the recruiting of Kazuma Kaneko, who's done a stack of creative anime work for Atlas, to design Dante's demon form. The custom combat system (you can choose to play as a sneaky Trickster, a trigger-happy Gunslinger or a razor-sharp Swordmaster) has been reinforced with a new charge-up move that lets you build extra power in your attacks, and lots of new weapons including nunchukas are planned.


Sounds almost as cool as Dante himself. DMC 3 is due out on PS2 from November 19 in the UK, but in the meantime take a look at our lovely new selection of screens.