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Ghost Recon 2 cries Lone Wolf

It's hi-tech soldier versus the world in explosive new footage from Ubisoft's tactical shooter

We were, to be honest, a little disappointed with Ghost Recon 2 when we first clapped eyes on it just before this year's E3; but recently getting a very brief squiz at latest code we were chuffed to see that the sequel has come along leaps and bounds. We have to say the game is looking every inch a worthy successor to the original. Which is a huge relief.

Anyway, Ubisoft has released new Ghost Recon 2 footage introducing us to the Lone Wolf mode, which as the name suggests allows you to play through missions with only a single soldier -albeit a single solider equipped with crazy hi-tech firepower and the ability to call in earth-shaking air strikes. Kaboom.

Check it out by hitting the link below.

Ghost Recon 2 movie
Download here