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Second Sight hovers onto PC

Did you see that one coming?

Second Sight, Free Radical's game of a sinister, forgotten past and a spooky extra-sensory present was such a success that publisher Codemasters has decided to catapult it onto PC this very November.

If you missed the console release in September, allow us to fill in the blanks: In Second Sight, you play John Vattic, awakening from a coma in a US medical facility where you've been subjected to traumatic surgery. At first you don't even know your own name and can't remember your past, but you know your only hope for survival is to escape from the military's tender mercies and unravel the mystery of your imprisonment.


Haunted by a series of flashbacks and shocked to discover your own emergent psychic powers, you begin a search through your clouded past and in doing so uncover a fatal series of events which point to a dark conspiracy.

Sounds promising? Quite right, and this is going to be a particularly interesting release as it's Free Radical's first PC game. No word yet on whether there'll be any (ahem) radical improvements or tweaks, but this latest selection of screens should give PC players an idea of what they can expect.

Either that or you can try drinking a cup of rosy and reading the tea leaves (an ever more difficult proposition in today's teabag-led world).

Anyway enjoy these new screens and check back later tonight for our Second Sight Competition where you can win a limited edition PS2, a copy of the game and assorted Second Sight goody bags.