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Go recon! Ghost 2 stalks with new screens and footage

Special Forces combat erupts on Xbox and PS2

Ghost Recon 2 is Ubisoft's squad-based tactical shooter of different identities, all gathering under one broad overwhelming firepower umbrella.

Xbox and PS2 versions of the game will feature unique storylines and content, while we're expecting the PC version to be specifically tailored to the platform and "deliver ground-breaking innovation to the PC audience". And then there's the mysterious GameCube version, discussed by shadowy figures in dark alleyways while the rain tumbles down.

Anyway, moving swiftly on... If you want new Ghost Recon 2 screenshots and in-game footage, then step forward soldier, as Ubisoft has released a slew of new media through its freshly-launched official website for the game. The latest images can be found on this very page, as you can see, and underneath all this radio chatter, you'll find a link that'll transport you to Ghost Recon 2 movie heaven.

PS2 version

Ghost Recon 2 movies
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