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Join the Guild: Preview Guild Wars this weekend

Kick elf ass around the world this weekend as you try out NCsoft's epic new action MMORPG - for free!

Got any plans this weekend? One of the few people that won't spend the whole 48 hours getting deep into San Andreas? Well, you might want to hook yourself up with Guild Wars' World Preview Event, which starts tomorrow and lasts until Sunday.

Guild Wars is the latest MMORPG from masters of the genre NCsoft, the guys behind Korean national pastime Lineage, it's upcoming sequel, and pants-on-the-outside masterpiece City of Heroes. It's an attempt to keep the best parts of the MMORPG experience but make the overall experience faster, more action-oriented, and less overwhelming for newcomers.

This weekend's Global Preview Event will give you the chance to try out Guild Wars for yourself. You'll have full access to three regions in the gameworld, have the ability to form guilds and engage in battle with other teams. Which is all very nice, but here's the kicker: it's free!

We had a good look at Guild Wars during NCsoft's European launch day last Friday and it's looking really good. Think the fast-paced combat and vibrant visual style of Fable rather than the dull and dreary environments and stilted click-and-forget fighting systems seen in other MMORPGs.

Travel between areas is quick and easy, with one click on the map transporting you to different locations instantly. The whole levelling up system's been toned down too. NC Soft want Guild Wars to be about your skills rather than how long you sit and play it.

On the community side you'll be able to form Guilds with other players to arrange co-op missions and fight against other Guilds in player versus player combat. There's even an International Tournament in the offing, which will pit the strongest Guilds from around the world against each other.

To celebrate the start of the Guild Wars World Preview Event we'll be running an exclusive Q&A with the game's producer at developers Aren Net, Jeff Strain. Check back tomorrow to get the insider's scoop on this interesting MMORPG. We'll also have some sweet City of Heroes coverage soon - keep an eye out for that.

And if you want to sign up for the Preview Event all you have to do is head over to the official Guild Wars website and sign yourself up.