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Altered Beast put down in US

Sega cans US version of the remake of the retro classic

Sega has taken the decision to cancel the US version of its PS2 remake of Altered Beast, according to reports hitting the internet in the last 24 hours.

Commenting on the cancellation of the game in the States, Sega has said that it "is more particular about the titles it ships in the US," leading certain parties to speculate that the title perhaps wasn't up to scratch.

Altered Beast remake is still scheduled to release in Japan, however, where it will arrive in January 2005; but the fate of the game in the US has naturally raised concerns for a launch in PAL territories.

Don't worry too much, though - Altered Beast is still penned in for a European release in the first quarter release, and we've been informed that there are no plans for this to change.

Sega's remake of Altered Beast brings the 2D side-scrolling, bestial action gameplay of the original kicking and screaming into the 3D era. Players morph into one of eight varieties of beast as they bash their way through a Resident Evil-esque plot of DNA modification and dangerous conspiracy.