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We've finally played this gothic slice of modern-day horror and have to admit it's not shaping up too badly. In fact, if the game is anything to go by (apparently it follows the plot of the movie to the letter), we could be looking at one hell of a blockbuster.

Until recently we'd only been allowed to watch rolling demos, but we were recently let loose on the game to sample a few of the levels. Playing them was a whole different experience to just watching them. Constantine's animation and controls are fluid and smooth, and for the first time we actually experienced some of John Constantine's other-worldly abilities.


The gift of true-sight is a tremendous help in your quest to rid the Earth of demons because it shows the evil beggars for what they are. We walked into a room where a policeman was consoling a tearful woman. Turn on true-sight and you see it's not a woman he's hugging but a twisted demon with a distorted face and fangs. Pull out your crucifix shotgun and you can nail her to the wall. Simple.

We also saw for the first time (and got eaten by) giant demons capable of hammering down walls and throwing you across rooms. Only with true-sight can you find their weaknesses, otherwise they're unstoppable beasts with fierce tempers. The situations are made worse by some levels being cloaked in pitch black. Only with a blast of your flame thrower can you illuminate the area, and even then you could still be in trouble because some demons happily walk through flames to get at you. Ironically, the only way to escape such attacks is to find a portal into hell, and once you shift into that realm the action really cranks up. If you're not shooting demons screeching down from above to kill you, you're ducking for cover as buses, cars, and buildings whiz over your head. And here's us thinking this 'saving the world' malarkey was going to be a walk in the park...