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It's a steal! GTA: San Andreas smash 'n' grab!

We're giving away branded jackets, baseball caps and more, more, more!

You've jacked cars, totalled rigs, sky-dived through the clouds and popped some caps in a punk's ass - but have you ever done it all while wearing a GTA: San Andreas jacket? Nope, thought not, but you may well be soon if you're one of the lucky winners of our fab San Andreas competition.

We've got together with Rockstar to give readers the chance to win an array of cool San Andreas gear. Be the envy of your friends in the San Andreas jacket, look, like, totally hard in the San Andreas baseball cap and bandana and take the San Andreas basketball down the local court and bounce it off a few peoples' heads.


Five prizes are up for grabs (each prize containing a GTA: San Andreas-branded jacket, baseball cap, bandana and basketball, just to remind you). Just answer the question below correctly and you could soon be in possession of a whole lotta San An stuff.

Oh, and if you want to find out what we thought of Rockstar's sequel, you can read our review here.