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OutRun2 souped up for Japan

Extra content for the Xbox version courtesy of the arcade upgrade Special Tours

European and US fans of OutRun2 - prepare to get into a jealous rage. Sega have announced that the Japanese Xbox version of the hit arcade game will be packed with loads of content not seen in the Western release.

To accommodate the extra tinkering under the bonnet Outrun 2 has seen its Japanese release date pushed back to the end of January. When the game resurfaces, it will receive all new tracks and licensed cars taken from the arcade upgrade Outrun 2 SP: Special Tours. This special edition of the arcade original features extra cars (some of which are already in the European Xbox version), new tracks and improved graphics.

But there is a glimmer of hope for Western fans. While it has not been confirmed by Sega, plans appear to be afoot for any extra Special Tours content to be made available to existing owners of Outrun 2 Xbox Live downloads.

Fingers crossed that Sega don't let us down, otherwise we might be tempted to leave a highly flammable stuffed Sonic toy a bit too close to the radiator. That'll scare 'em into doing the right thing.