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EA in new football game non-shocker

EA wins rights to 2004/2005 UEFA Champions League License

Not content with the massive success of its FIFA Football series, Electronic Arts has announced that it has won the rights for the 2004/2005 UEFA Champions League license and plans to release a game based on the competition in February next year for PS2, Xbox and PC.

The game is to be developed by a newly formed team at EA Canada (developer of the most recent deluge of FIFA games), so no doubt it'll be making the most of the latest FIFA engine - though this is yet to be confirmed or denied.

EA is promising that even fans of lower league teams will be given the chance to lead their club to European glory - or pathetic capitulation - in Europe's most famous stadiums.

It also claims that the game will feature, "50 unique and challenging on- and off-field missions," though with no specifics mentioned, we can only venture a guess as to what these may entail. We're assuming that they'll consist of some kind of skill challenges rather than quests to find the mystical Football of Ra in ancient Egyptian ruins, though you never know. Then again...

That's all the info we've been given so far, but expect more news in the coming weeks as EA's publicity machine shifts up a gear and bombards us with ads, info and playtests. Naturally, we'll keep you posted as and when anything new turns up.