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Ghost Recon 2 banished from South Korea

Ubisoft military sim too sensitive for country's ratings board

Remember when North Korea went berserk over the forthcoming Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2, threatening "this may be just a game to them now, but a war will not be a game for them later."? Well, it seems neighbouring nation South Korea aren't best pleased with the game's fictional, near-futuristic setting either, and have promptly banned it from release.

Basically, South Korea, who is still at loggerheads with its communist neighbours, feel that a shooter revolving around the premise of commandos infiltrating North Korea in 2007 (on PS2) and 2011 (on Xbox) is too close for comfort. It goes "way too far" the country's media ratings board has allegedly said.

However, a Ubisoft representative has echoed the defence originally made by Red Storm during North Korea's pants-in-a-twist response, telling US website Gamespot: "When we developed the story background, we aimed at staying away from key current or specific events while still having a reasonable setting for a conflict." Um, yeah, like America doesn't have any beef with North Korea...

Over here though, the game's content appears all fine and dandy, and you should be able to steam into fictional, conflict-ravaged North Korea on Xbox and PS2 tomorrow, and PC in Q1 next year.