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Katamari 2 screens roll our way

Namco open up remarkably dull Jap teaser site for the game the word 'wacky' was invented for - but there are some screens

Go go Katamari, do your best! Six words which, when sung by a cheery Japanese fellow and accompanied by a chorus of multicoloured ducks, fill our hearts with glee.

We're getting ready for a refill - Namco have launched a teaser site for the PS2 Katamari Damacy sequel due in Japan in Spring 2005. Susprisingly, given how mad-as-cheese the game itself is, the website's quite stunningly dull, but at least there's some new screenshots to look at and a couple of new details.

We're told the sequel's Japanese title 'Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy' translates to Everyone's Favourite Katamari Damacy. Doesn't tell us much, eh? Actually, nor do the screens - Katamari's in a school classroom doing his old rolling-around routine, sucking up pencils, erasers, chairs, desks and schoolkids as his girth swells.

We still love him though. More info on any new gameplay elements and whether the sequel (or even the original) will get a release in Europe as we get it. Until then check out the Katamari 2 website here.