San An double delight as new platforms confirmed

San An roars onto PC and Xbox next June

The all-conquering GTA: San Andreas will make the leap from PS2 to Xbox and PC as early as June 10th according to the latest financial reports emanating from publisher Take-Two.

Of course it was always a matter of 'when' rather than 'if' San An would make the transition and the words 'forgone' and 'conclusion' have been widely bandied about by Rockstar watchers.

Still it's certainly a welcome development that it's happening quite so speedily. Whether the Xbox and PC versions will benefit from extra content and additional bells and whistles remains to be seen, but San An will certainly enjoy better visuals from the two platforms' improved graphical grunt. The recently released PS2 version of San An was widely acknowledged as pushing the PS2's graphics to its very limits.

Of course, the killer feature on Xbox and PC versions would be some kind of online version of the game, but we have to say that's unlikely, at least in this initial release. Still who knows what Rockstar have in mind? It's not like they haven't unleashed a galaxy of surprises before.

No further details at the moment, but we'll be putting the word out on the street to bring you the latest as soon as we learn more.