Holy retail launches! City of Heroes gets UK date

Dust off your 'special' spandex suit - NCsoft's pants-on-the-outside MMORPG is flying to UK shelves next month

City of Heroes will fly like a speeding bullet onto shop shelves across the UK and Europe on February 4.

The superhero PC MMORPG has been available in the States since early last year, but this is the first time European gamers will be able to play without importing a copy.

And if you've been using your superhuman powers of patience to hold off for the European release, NCsoft are rewarding you with a nifty Deluxe Edition. For £29.99 you'll get the game itself, all three content updates, a 'stunning' 88 page comic, and top secret codes that'll let you unlock some cool stuff within the game like Prestige Power, a "unique cape" and a VIP badge. Honestly, all the other superheroes in Paragon City will be green with envy. Unless, like the Hulk, they're green already, in which case they'll just be envious.

Monthly subs will set you back £8.99 (12.99 Euro) with three month sign-ups available for £23.99 (34.99 Euro). NCsoft are also releasing three limited edition 60 day play cards for £17.99 (25.99 Euro).

Speaking to us on our special superhero phone we have in the office for emergencies (like when we really, really need to call our mums), Sebastian Vidal, COO of NCsoft Europe, said: "The Deluxe edition of City of Heroes is an excellent package that offers tremendous value for money, while giving new European players the very latest content updates straight out of the box. We're looking forward to welcoming thousands of new heroes to Paragon City."

Lovely. Click on this link to enter a secret lair stocked full with City of Heroes coverage including an exclusive Q&A with Jack Emmert, the game's lead designer.