Trackmania Sunrise

"I take it all back Will. You were right. You were right." What was that, Steve Hill? Let's rewind. "You were right." Really? You've seen Sunrise, have you? Let's hear it again, I've forgotten what we're talking about. "I take it all back Will. You were right."

Victory! Sweet victory! TrackMania: Sunrise is set to be the best thing on four wheels, and no one can mutter inane (and wrong) comments about French shareware because it's quite frankly beautiful, and so fast it'll make your eyes water. Obviously there'll be all the same track-building puzzles, time trials and intense multiplayer competition as before - but the cars are sexier (ie not stupid trucks), they fly far higher and, most importantly, the opening jingle to every race has remained exactly the same.


New details that have leaked out of Nadeo include a vastly revamped track design system, custom paint jobs on your cars, and skin-able billboards and buildings - but what'll turn the TrackMania cynics among you is simply watching it in motion. Never has a game made such an evolutionary leap from edition to edition - if Colin McRae had a makeover of these proportions then it would be throwing real mud
in your face.

Anyway, in summary, oh hang on... What? What was that? "I take it all back Will. You were right. You were right." Christ Steve, stop going on about it...