Rainbow 6 4 Lockdown screens lock n' load

Ubi's team Rainbow gear up for some hot tango neutralising action...

Rainbow Six 4 Lockdown is the fourth major instalment in Ubisoft's acclaimed series of stealth terrorist neutralisers and fans of the Tom Clancy franchise will appreciate this fresh raft of screens which have emerged from the Team Montreal studios.

This latest instalment sees Team Rainbow itself targeted by the tendrils of global terror, as one of the team is captured and held hostage. Of course it's Rainbow to the rescue and we're not talking Zippy, Bungle or Geoffrey armed with large machine guns and rocket launchers, though come to think of it, that'd be quite a sight to see. Perhaps Ubi's Team Montreal could make that a bonus unlockable?


Ahem, anyway R6 4 Lockdown will also offer you a chance to command as team leader Ding Chavez and also introduce a new lone wolf mode, where you'll play German marksman Dieter Weber and cover team Rainbow's approach throughout each level.

In the meantime enjoy the fresh selection of screens. Rainbow Six 4 Lockdown is planned for release in Spring of this very year on PC, Xbox and PS2.