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Sudeki fuelling PC fantasies

New hints strike that the Xbox RPG is coming to PC. UPDATE: Sudeki PC now confirmed - plus first screens

It seems increasingly certain that Climax's Xbox RPG Sudeki is to roll out on PC following the appearance of a product page for the game on publisher Zoo Digital's website.


Following publication of this news piece earlier today we've now been contacted by a Zoo Digital spokesperson who has confirmed that it will indeed be publishing Sudeki on PC, with a release currently planned for the end of March. You can also see two screenshots from the PC version on this page.



Despite of PC version of the title not receiving official confirmation to date, this is the second time its existence has been hinted at. Back in December last year a press release from graphics chip manufacturer ATi focussing on a driver update for its Radeon series bizarrely stated that the new drivers fixed known issues for Sudeki.

And hitting this link originally took you to a page on ATi's website informing of a recovery error when entering or exiting a room when playing Sudeki through a Windows XP configuration.

A mystery wrapped in an enigma? Well, digging further has resulted in the discovery of a release date for Sudeki on PC on Zoo Digital's website - March 25, 2005. However, with both developer Climax and Zoo Digital remaining unavailable for comment at the timing of writing, we'll slap Sudeki on PC with a tiny question mark until we receive direct confirmation from the horse's mouth.

Boasting lush looks, Hong Kong cinema influences, martial arts combat, crazy fighting manoeuvres, a bevy of NPCs and hordes of monsters to overcome, RPG Sudeki sees you command a team of four heroes dropped into a massive fantasy world who become embroiled in an epic quest that naturally involves confrontation with darkness and evil.