Res Evil 4 chainsaw confirmed!

Wild Things bring choppy choppy zombie action to Europe

It is the peripheral we've been wanting, arguing, indeed boring all and sundry stupid who'd listen to us for, and praise the lesser known god of GameCube peripherals, as it's finally making its way to the UK and Europe.

Yup the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw controller is finally spinning up the revs to delight Resident Evil 4 fans; and with the game scheduled in for a release next month, this is undoubtedly going to become the hottest peripheral on the market. Biggest props to Wild Things which has brought it over to the UK!

But wait there's more, as apparently each chainsaw will come with its own unique blood-splattered effect so no two will be exactly alike.

Holy cow! We're not even quite sure how it's going to work in the game, but who cares really? It's a chainsaw controller for Resident Evil 4. How much more do you need to know other than where do I sign?