Kazunori floors it for GT5 on PS3!

The human element to become all important in GT5

Gran Turismo 4 producer Kazunori Yamauchi has gone on record to dicuss his thoughts on Gran Turismo 5 - which is headed for the PS3.

Very little has been revealed about GT5 before - not least the fact that it's heading straight to PS3, rather than being the new online version of GT4 for PS2 that we were expecting sometime this year.

But Yamuchi-san has discussed the future of the series in a book entitled Driving the Game, which appears in the limited edition European version of Gran Turismo 4.

Following the shock PS3 revelation, Yamauchi-san begins with a comparison of the relative strengths of the hardware platforms by saying that he believes that the PS3 will surpass the PS2 by a hundredfold in almost every aspect of what's achievable today. A hundredfold performance increase over GT4 on the cards then? Well quite possibly, we guess, if the hardware can take it.

But while Yamauchi-san says that it is possible to massively improve the hardware he wants to place special emphasis on the human element in GT5. The GT games have always been rather clinical experiences, so we're glad to hear this. Yamauchi-san also admits that the environments can look a little spartan in GT4, due to the graphical limitations of the PS2 and points rather wooden spectators as evidence.

However Yamauchi-san also tantalisingly confirms that a proper damage model will be implemented for GT5 although he doesn't present any further details, confirming a story which we revealed way back when and which you can read all about here.

Okay, so it might not be the definitive story on all things GT5, but it certainly sums up more than we've ever known before.

In the meantime Gran Turismo 4 releases this very month and you can read our in-depth review by flooring it here.