Black Hawk Down enlists 50 players online

Xbox version of the Somalia-based FPS packs in epic 50-player online battles, breaks records

The Xbox version of NovaLogic's PC FPS Delta Force: Black Hawk Down will feature huge 50 player online battles over Live - and we've got the screens to prove it.

This staggering number will make BHD the proud record holder of the most simultaneous players in an Xbox Live game. The most anyone else has managed is a comparatively paltry 16.

On top of getting to battle alongside 49 other players, a variety of eight multiplayer game modes will be available across a selection of battlefields. You'll also get the benefits of team support, statistics, voice chat, messaging, matchmaking, and four-player splitscreen online gaming - suggesting that the whole caboodle will be making the most of Xbox Live 3.0 in a Halo 2-stylee.


Lee Milligan, President of NovaLogic Inc., is understandably chuffed with the 50-player figure. "We are ecstatic that we have been able to deliver next-generation multiplayer gaming to existing Xbox Live gamers before the next-gen consoles arrive."

The game was delayed last year with publisher NovaLogic saying it wanted to "really focus on the Xbox Live features planned for the title". Looks like it's done it.

NovaLogic has also pushed the multiplayer boundaries on PC with Joint Ops, another military FPS that supports up to 150 simultaneous players.

But Black Hawk Down's not just about the multiplayer - expect a single-player experience that sticks you right in amongst 1993's notorious Operation Restore Hope mission that claimed the lives of many US soldiers in Somalia.

You'll be able to enlist for 50-player online combat when Delta Force: Black Hawk Down hits stores this sping - we'll bring you a confirmed release date when we have it.