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World War II goes MMO in Beyond Blitzkrieg

Fight across war-torn Europe with lots of other people

Beyond Blitzkrieg, a retail package version of Cornered Rat Software's MMO first-person shooter World War II Online, is to bring Allied versus Axis warfare in the massively multiplayer arena to Europe this June, courtesy of GMX Media.

Beyond Blitzkrieg's warfare rages across WW2 Western Europe, the persistent game world measuring over 354,000 square miles and littered with buildings, bunkers, bridges and towns and cities. Players can fill the combat boots of foot soldiers or leap into various accurately modelled ground, sea and air vehicles.

An RPG layer in the game provides additional depth, with character advancement and career paths present. It's also mentioned that "strategic systems are driven by player missions and command structure", and we're not exactly sure what that means but it sounds great.


Cornered Rat's WWII Online has been around for some time but Beyond Blitzkrieg will be the first time Europeans have been able to purchase the game via traditional retail methods. If it's tweaking your interest antennae, keep an eye out for it in June.