Asheron's Call expands into Europe...

Codemasters to publish Asheron's expansions

Asheron's Call and its sequel, Turbine's long standing and well regarded MMORPGs, are being re-invigorated in Europe with the announcement of two 'expanded' releases, which are being published and distributed by Codemasters.

Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny heads up the challenge, boasting an overhauled visual engine and an epic storyline which pits players against the Viamontians, an alien race hell bent on conquering the realm of Dereth.

Asheron's Call 2: Legions is an extensive update to the sequel, which invites you to explore the once-mighty magical Empyrean race offering a massive new continent to explore and of course the obligatory ominous new evil which "threatens to consume the entire world and everything within". Back to business as normal in the MMORPG world then.


Gentle ribbing aside, it's nice to see the return of the Asheron's Call series as a force in the MMORPG world as we have fond memories of the original game many years ago. This fresh selection of screens should give you an idea of what you'll encounter - and very nice looking they are too.

Both the Codemasters releases will feature the original games along with the additional content and are to retail for £19.99. The publisher has also informed us it's looking into pre-order incentives, which will likely take the form of exclusive bonus content. Full details on this are expected shortly.

It's also actually the second piece of news on Turbine Entertainment today, as the ambitious developer has also bagged the rights to develop online world's based on the works of JRR Tolkien, and is going to self-publish the massively multiplayer Middle-Earth Online.

Ambitious stuff, but nice work Turbine which obviously sees the MMORPG as the future.