Officially Pimped, part 3: Midnight Club 3's glossy finale

Marvel at Rockstar's DUB Edition as the last part in our series wraps things up with hot bikes and high-spec supercars

Dropping into our laps only this morning was a sample of DUB magazine packed with so much fine booty that even the most prolific of pirates would gaze on in pure envy. Honestly, never has the phrase 'pert and tiny' been less applicable or the word 'bootylicious' more so.

But we've had to file the mini magazine away for, erm, later viewing while we draw your attention to the final part in our Officially Pimped series, which has taken all and sundry on a tour of Rockstar's Midnight Club 3.

Eh? Wossat? You missed parts one and two? Well don't throw your fluffy dice out the pram because they're only a mouse click away. Officially Pimped part one can be found here, and Officially Pimped part two here.


Midnight Club's trademark high-speed, free-roaming street racing combined with the slick DUB license is like a dream come true for high-speed adrenaline fanatics with a penchant for vehicle modding, customisation and personalisation. We've already shown you how to drop it DUB-style on tuner cars, muscle cars, and heavyweight trucks, and in part 3 of our exclusive Officially Pimped series we're going to show you MC3's bikes and some motors that are so high spec they'd give you a nose bleed.

First up is the custom bike showcase. In MC3, if you can do it to a car you can do it to a bike - and then some. We're talking custom paint jobs, mad decals, fat alloy wheels and ridiculous neon effects slapped onto red hot two-wheelers like the Kawasaki Ninja, the Ducati 999R, and the West Coast Choppers El Diablo. Ruff Ryders? Hell yes.

After that we're going right to the top of the range, big baller style. The cream of DUB culture centres on the kind of car you can't even dream about driving: the expensive, the sublime, and the downright ridiculous. Sit tight as we strap you in to Saleen S7s, McLaren F1s, Cadillac Ciens and Lamborghini Murcielagos.

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition hits the Xbox and PS2 streets on April 15.

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Custom Bike Showcase movie (WMV)
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Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Supercar Showcase (WMV)
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