Battlefield 2: Modern Combat wages war on PSP

Plus: Digital Illusions announces brand new PC shooter and new next-gen console titles and lists Battlefield 2 for June

Digital Illusions has revealed this afternoon that a PSP version of forthcoming console action-spectacular Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is in the pipeline, the handheld version currently in development at EAUK.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on PSP is currently pencilled in for a Q1 2006 release, and will presumably run along similar lines to the console version of the title and support both single-player and wireless multiplayer. BF2: Modern Combat is a shooter focussing on modern-day warfare and staying true to the Battlefield series combines foot-soldier and vehicular combat.

Not content with simply spilling the beans on the PSP project, Digital Illusions has also revealed that its Canadian studio is currently working on a brand new PC shooter based on a Digital Illusions brand. No further game info is supplied, but the title is expected this autumn.

And that's not all. DI has confirmed its game line-up until 2007, within which is word on Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for Xbox 2 and two unnamed games planed for current and next-generation console. The developer's listing additionally reveals that hotly anticipated PC sequel Battlefield 2 should be with us in June. Here's the list:

  • Battlefield 2: PC, FPS, June 05
  • BF2 Modern Combat: PS2, Xbox, FPS, Fall 05
  • Untitled: PC, FPS, Fall 05
  • BF2 Modern Combat: MS Nextgen, PSP Q1 06
  • Untitled: PS2, Xbox, Sony and MS Nextgen, 2006/2007
  • Untitled: Sony and MS Nextgen, Action, 2007