The Incredible Hulk

Bruce Banner may be a very angry man, but he's got nothing on The Incredible Hulk's producer Vlad Ceraldi after a cocky journo dared to suggest that the game looked a little too similar to Spider-Man 2. Needless to say, we didn't like him when he was angry.

Regardless of his protests though, there are certainly similarities between the two games - most notably the Hulk's somewhat baffling ability to run up the sides of buildings. However, that aside, there looks like there could be plenty in this sequel to get your pulse racing, and maybe, just maybe, justify Ceraldi's bold claim that this will be "the best superhero game ever made."


Divided into seven chapters, the game sees troubled schizo Bruce Banner battling not only his nemesis Abomination, but also a growing inner demon. However, unlike its predecessor, The Incredible Hulk will feature missions that solely revolve around the Hulk, with Bruce only appearing in cutscenes. Yes, we were relieved too.

During his struggles, the Hulk will be able to freely bound around locales such as sprawling metropolises and desert towns, executing massive jumps from building to building while being able to destroy just about anything he comes into contact with. In fact, rarely have we had more destructive fun, grabbing buses, cars, lampposts and even citizens, then tossing them around with wild disregard for human life.

Ceraldi also promised us that the more we destroy, the more Smash Points we'll acquire, which will then enable us to unlock well over a 150 different moves. These include imaginative additions such as Iron Fists, which allows us to crush cars and use them as metallic boxing gloves, and Hammer Toss, which sees the green beast pick up objects - such as tanks - and twirl them around before sending them scything through the air.

When it comes to violence and mindless destruction, it doesn't get much more brutal than this. And if the semi-freeform gameplay and potentially intriguing plot are up to scratch too, then The Incredible Hulk might just prove to be every bit as good as Ceraldi believes it to be. Here's hoping.