6GUN II aims for next-gen

Sequel to yet-to-be-released third-person shooter from developer BattleBorne heading to Xbox 360 and PS3

BattleBorne, a dev studio which in its own words "is nestled in the mountainous Reno/Lake Tahoe region of Nevada", has already announced plans to follow up its 2006-release third-person combat game 6GUN with a next-gen sequel.

6GUN II, as the sequel is currently being called, will squeeze the trigger on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (and PC and PSP), will utilise the studio's new scaleable next-gen technology platform - codenamed Raptor - and is set to appear in 2007.

Presumably 6GUN II will run along similar lines to 6GUN, which is releasing on PC, PS2, Xbox and PSP. 6GUN is a third-person action effort focussing on modern-day combat . You can see a couple of screenshots from the title (i.e. 6GUN one) on this very page.