Gene Troopers ripped open

Chaser developer Cauldron's new FPS whisks us away to a future where genetic material has become the hottest commodity

Gene Troopers, a new sci-fi first-person shooter from Chaser developer Cauldron, drops you into the revenge boots of a yet-to-be-revealed protagonist whose life has been shattered by, er, Gene Troopers funnily enough.

In a universe where genetic material has become the new strategic resource, it's the task of elite force Gene Troopers to roam the stars and kidnap lifeforms - gene transformation technology changes suitable individuals into loyal and powerful Gene Trooper units, apparently.

Gene Troopers' hero - as well as his daughter Mareen - is a victim of the elite force's mandate, so presumably it's a case of Gene Trooper rebels as they seek to take revenge for atrocities visited on them and their offspring.


It's said by the Powers That Be that Gene Troopers will thrust us into "the heart of a unique, vibrant and living universe," where we'll be able to "Explore amazing new worlds, develop your character into a stealth or battle professional [RPG elements included then?], control supernatural powers, make friends with powerful characters and lead them into battle against the forces of evil."

Gene Troopers is currently pencilled in for a late 2005 release on PC. We've uploaded first screenshots from the FPS for you to check out.