Fear & Respect slips, bitch

John Singleton's PS2/Xbox gang sim reschedules drive-by to 2006

If there's one thing Midway's Fear & Respect has that San Andreas hasn't, it's the contributions of two very big names in the old film directing/acting/singing lark.

First there's John Singleton, who wrote and directed the classic Boyz N the Hood. Then there's Snoop Dogg; the lanky ex-Death Row rapper who co-starred in Starsky and Hutch.

If nothing else, you can be assured of one thing - Midway's Fear & Respect is going to have a very strong storyline. And some voice acting with proper street cred. Take that one to heart. Bitch.

Anyway, the point of all this incessant waffling is that the game, a third-person action adventure, has slipped to 2006 after originally being touted for release later this year. It's a bit of a shame because we were quite looking forward to it having completed everything San Andreas has to offer (well, sort of).

No explanation has been given for the delay, except that it had been taken off its 2005 release schedule, announced at the company's first quarter financials. Perhaps it needs extra time to polish up those Uzis. In the meantime, Midway has reportedly promised a 'significant' next-gen title showing at E3. Can you guess what it is yet? *cough*mightbeUnrealrelated*cough*.