Age of Empires III rolls out new shots

Pre-E3 glimpse of Ensemble's RTS sequel before we drool over it on the show floor

As we resist the urge to hop up and down in excitement over that fact that E3 2005 is just around the corner, little teasers are leaking out to whet appetites for the monster event to come. One such game titillating videogame taste buds is Ensemble Studios' Age of Empires III, the game's publisher Microsoft choosing to parade new screenshots in front of our eyes only days before we actually get to see the strategy sequel first-hand.

We have of course uploaded these screenshots to this page for you to pass mince pies over, and if you really can't wait for next week's reports on the game then we'd like to direct you to our recent two-part Age of Empires III interview conducted with lead designer Greg Street which you can find here (part one) and here (part two).