Rouge Trooper sets 2006 date

PC version mooted. Plus latest screens from 2000AD's grey-skinned vet

Comic book characters generally make great videogame heroes. Which is why we've got high hopes for the spin-off to our second favourite 2000AD character ever, (Sir) Rogue Trooper.

The latest word on the third-person shooter is that a PC version IS in the works (in addition to PS2 and Xbox), and all three versions will now release in early 2006.

Developer Rebellion, which incidentally publishes the 2000AD comic and produced the decent-ish Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death game, is promising "truly freeform gameplay, incorporating an unlimited amount of routes and tactics".

Players will also be able to execute dramatic 'Kill Moves' at close range, which we're hoping will be vaguely similar to the graphic inventiveness endorsed by Volition's The Punisher game.

Anyway, enough of the waffling. Check out the latest PS2 and Xbox Rogue Trooper screens here.