Annelid attack! New Worms 4: Mayhem movie, screens

WMDs (Worms of Mass Destruction) let loose a blistering barrage in new weapons-orientated media

Weapons of Worms! And indeed, KABOOM! Worms 4: Mayhem's new Weapons Factory and new armoury have been let loose today in fresh screenshots and footage from the latest wriggling combatant title from Team 17. Feast mince pies on the pics and then head below to grab the trailer.

Worms 4: Mayhem's new Weapons Factory allows players to design and build their own weapons, surprisingly, the feature employing a points system to ensure battlefield-busters lie tantalisingly out of reach. Pick an expensive option like homing for your weapon, for example, and you're left with only a few points to pile into damage.


Everything from grenades, projectiles and air strikes through to guns are present in the Weapons Factory and there's also plenty of comedy additions you can slap on to heap extra shame on opponents. Monkeys (rejoice!), buckets of sick, hamsters, and a ton-weight for drop-n-splat tactics are just some of the fun stuff available.

Once you've created your devious device of destruction, it's simply a case of naming it, saving it and then selecting is as a special weapon for your crack Worm unit to unleash in-game. And if you ever get stuck trying to create something particularly devilish, well then the evil geniuses at developer Team 17 have already cooked up some fiendish new inventions.

Here's info on some of the new weapons featuring in Worms 4: Mayhem:

Fatkins Strike: Our chubby missile plummets to the ground, causing craters of devastation before exploding and decimating any worms within range.

Flood: Just fire this new world-altering weapon to usher in a massive storm cloud and torrential rains, causing the water level to permanently rise. Any worm standing on this flooded area will instantly drown. Worms that were previously on high ground may now be a little closer to the water than they wanted to be...

Inflatable Scouser: Our lovable Liverpool native brings a new strategy weapon. When fired, our scouse friend wanders across the landscape towards the enemy worm, grabs it and inflates, slowly climbing into the sky up to a set height or until he collides, bursts and drops his passenger back down to the ground inflicting fall damage or a watery death.

Poison Arrow: Fire the poison arrow, watch it fly through the air and embed in the first piece of landscape (or worm) that it meets before exploding into a cloud of poisonous gas, inducing vast amounts of invertebrate vomit.

Sentry Gun: If this metallic mechanical marvel detects an enemy moving nearby it will swing round, automatically target them and unleash a flurry of bullets in their direction!


Sniper Rifle: You can stay as far away as you like, the opponent worms may think they're safe... but aim the gun, zoom right in to the enemy to make sure they are on target and BANG!!! Pick them off easily from a distance. Lovely.

Starburst Rocket: What happens when you strap a worm to a firework and ignite the fuse? Well, you get the Starburst - a new way to sacrifice one of your worms for the common good. Fly your worm around the landscape until he finds a target. Fly down to the enemy and upon collision, the rocket explodes in shower of sparks, blasting any nearby worms into the distance!

Worms 4: Mayhem is out on PS2, Xbox and PC on July 29.

Worms 4: Mayhem (PS2, Xbox, PC)
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