Freeze your ass off with these Cold Winter movies

Vivendi's physics-tastic PS2 FPS exposed in our ice cold behind-the-scenes movie series

Is it chilly in here, or is it just us? Perhaps it's because we've got five sub-zero movies of Vivendi's PS2 FPS Cold Winter right here, ready to give you a nasty case of eyeball frostbite.

Developed by Swordfish Studios, Cold Winter takes cutting edge physics technology and the latest FPS tricks of the trade and stuffs it all onto the PS2.

These movies are behind-the-scenes insights into the game courtesy of the developers themselves. Check them all out for a full, icey blast of the Cold Winter flavour, but make sure you watch the physics movie. Talk about stiff nipples.

Cold Winter is out today on PS2, but before you stick down your cold, hard cash make sure you read our review.

Cold Winter Movies

Download Here (WMV, 11MB)

Art Direction
Download Here (WMV, 13MB)

Sound Effects
Download Here (WMV, 10MB)

Download Here (WMV, 7MB)

Download Here (WMV, 13MB)