NCsoft gets hard on Guild Wars cheats

Accounts closed as publisher cracks down on farming; plus: plenty of gameplay additions in new update

NCsoft has hammered Guild Wars cheats using bots to farm for items and gold by closing over 100 accounts as the new game update goes live.

The megastar MMORPG publisher says the move is part of its "continuing promise to keep Guild Wars free of hacks, cheats, and other exploits," and has implemented new technology to allow it to spot cheats more quickly and effectively.

But NCsoft has recognised the fact that many players are physically farming items, skills or units in order to upgrade their characters for PvP play, and has assured those players that they will not be punished.

Instead, NCsoft plans to take steps "to ensure that players can acquire and unlock these [upgrades] through normal gameplay."

"We believe that the most effective way to play the game should also be the most fun way to play the game," says the publisher on the official Guild Wars website. "You can expect to see the first meaningful changes towards this goal next week."

The update, which has already gone live and should be winging its way down your computer tubes as we speak, also adds a number of interesting new gameplay features.

Happily, the Signet of Capture has been altered so that it can now catch skills from dead monsters, ending those teeth-gnashing frustrations when you miss your capture window or the monster refuses to use that skill you really want.

Rune traders have been added so you can easily purchase already-discovered runes, and more traders have been added to deal in rare crafting materials. A bunch of magical bonuses have been added to assorted quest and collector items too.

And for the hardcore PvP experts amongst you, you'll be pleased to hear that the matchmaking and ranking system has been improved so that high level Guilds can find better match-ups more quickly and easily.

There's an absolute basketload more - check out the full list of updates at the official Guild Wars news page.