San Andreas hits the Xbox, PC - new screens

Rockstar's gangsta supreme now living the thug life on Xbox and PC - hot new images inside

Today sees the end of a long, long wait for some San Andreas fans - finally, after ruling the 'hood on PS2 for eight months, CJ is setting his sights on new turf.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas launches onto Xbox and PC today bringing with it all the gang-bangin', gun-slangin', free-roaming gameplay of the PS2 version and a whole lot more besides.

The visuals are better, for a start. Everything's crisper, clearer, sharper, and imbued with a far greater sense of location and atmosphere. Real-time shadows enhance the passing of the day/night cycle even more and, thankfully, the impressive draw distance means that you'll never be surprised by a pop-up fir tree as you scream across the wilderness in your Hydra.

PC Screen

But it's not just aesthetic tweaks that make a difference. Both the Xbox and PC versions will allow you to create custom music playlists, complete with radio adverts and DJ chatter between tracks. Plus, a new instant replay feature means you can rewind and rewatch all those crazy crime sprees in glorious detail.

We've got some ghetto fabulous new screenshots of San Andreas on both PC and Xbox to whet your appetite even further.

And if you want more specific details on the PC and Xbox versions you should check out our no-holds-barred hands-on reports. Catch up with the PC version here, and peep the Xbox version here.

PC owners worried that their system doesn't have enough under the hood to rule the 'hood can head to the official website for the full minimum specs.