City of Villains

Super-Villains get the best lines, the best costumes and don't have to worry about little things like morality, justice, paying their taxes or picking up litter. So in that respect City Of Villains was an obvious accompaniment to Cryptic's City Of Heroes, both for enhancing the PvP element and for generally upping the number of psycho goth-chick avatars.

Villains are created in the same way as heroes, but start off in an area called the Rogue Islands. After a while they can haul their evil arses over to Paragon City and start messing things up. "Players will find themselves at odds with some of their favourite characters from City Of Heroes like Mynx, Backalley Brawler, Sister Psyche, Foxtrot and maybe even Statesman himself," explained Cryptic's creative director, Jack Emmert. "They'll also be battling against signature villains from COH as well as new ones to the game. After all the nature of evil is to turn on itself!"


PvP is being actively encouraged, as is Team versus Team play. You'll also be able to create a super-squad base with space for house hospitals, vendors and storage. These bases will also house any items of power your team acquires. Unfortunately, although these items will grant your team various bonuses, they will also open up your base to potential attack from other players.

Improved physics, a wider variety of missions and new villainous archetypes and powers (more on that soon) means that City Of Villains will hopefully make the comic-book fight complete.