Commandos Strike Force

One of our many concerns about Commandos Strike Force was that a traditionally hard-as-nails strategy game would be foregoing its roots in favour of becoming yet another first-person shooter. Everyone else has been at it lately, so why not this darling of videogame strategists everywhere?

Thankfully, we learned this month that although it takes the appearance of an FPS, Commandos Strike Force will be thoroughly free-roaming, enabling you to take on any mission presented in whatever manner you see fit. Just so long as you get the job done, that is.

This will come as some comfort for fans of the original format, and although only three campaigns have been announced, that number indicates we're going to be playing through some vast mission spaces. For instance, there's one section where you need to cross a bridge. Do you climb up to high ground and snipe enough people from a distance to cause a panic, do you sneak across using crates as cover, or do you try and get underneath to plant explosives?


We know which route we'd take, but we're crazy like that. Spanning Norway, France, and Russia, you'll have to blend the stealth of the spy, the crack-shooting skills of the sniper, and the destructive power of the Green Beret if you're to make any headway in ending the Nazi threat. We've a sneaking suspicion that fans of the originals will not walk away disappointed when they play this...