EverQuest II: Desert of Flames screens, Euro date

For EQII fans things are gonna get a little hot this September

Ubisoft has confirmed this morning that it'll be handling European publishing duties for EverQuest II expansion Desert of Flames, with a September 15 release date - at retail - given for the add-on on these shores. New Desert of Flames screenshots have been shuffled our way too.

Desert of Flames is the first major expansion pack for EQII, and as you'd expect beefs up the original MMORPG with new areas ripe for exploration, new quests, new monsters and new - hopefully phat - loot. The salt flats, mesas, spires and dunes in Desert of Flames provide the backdrop for new adventures that tell the tales of the people and creatures found in the Desert of Ro, players also getting to sample the delights of new, sun-kissed city Maj'dul.


What else? Oh yes, the level cap's been increased to 60, new character voice emotes and guild vaults are being introduced, and last but certainly by no means least, there'll be arena combat in Maj'dul. Official word on this arena combat is that "players can choose to battle in special new arenas either against other players or against creatures in a new style of player versus player combat" and that "Players of all classes can collect new creatures and pit them against each other" in these arenas.

Want even more? Okay then. Expanding on the arena combat feature, Ubisoft says: "Rather than watching the battle from the sidelines, players become the champion, slinging spells and wielding weapons in a variety of combat scenarios. Player characters can take their chances against these fearsome creatures or challenge other players in battles for fame and glory... Take the form of new exotic creatures, or fight as your character, in battles for glory against other creatures or players."

You can check out our recent EverQuest II: Desert of Flames preview for even more sizzling info.