Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

There's a lot about Battlefield 2 we know already. It's the sequel to a hugely popular PC online shooter, for instance. It's also going to be 'da bomb' when it hits Live - like a real-life military take on Star Wars Battlefront (Issue 35, 9.0), with up to 24 players shooting each other across 13 different maps, each one dotted with some 30 types of vehicles.

But what we didn't know much about was how the brand new single-player campaign was going to work. Until now, that is, because EA has managed to come up with a marvellously novel take on the genre that should ensure Battlefield 2's solo game isn't the soulless AI-shooting range most, if not all, online-specific shooters tend to offer.


The trick is called 'Hot Swapping'. It lets single players switch control to any of their computer-controlled allies by targeting them and hitting the Hot Swap key, so you can skip from the grunt in the front line to the sniper on the clifftop, then back to the man driving the tank. Not only does it help speed up the rate at which you can cover terrain, but there's a whole new level of strategy to exploit as well; one that allows you to deploy your talents to critical points on the battlefield in an instant.

As well as this neat gimmick, single players can look forward to a 30-mission campaign based on a fictitious war between the Chinese Army and the UN, as well as the awesome-looking multi-player. Colour us wildly excited on this one.